Our mask is shielded with infused copper ions in non-woven fabric. The powerful effect of copper ions on the whole outer surface of mask maintaining 99.9% free of bacteria and virus. KOPPER+ non-woven mask is an unprecedented quality mask, and it's Made in Korea.

KOPPER+ Non-Woven Mask

Much More than Just Protection

The mask prevents the individual from inhaling the virus, but the virus stays attached to the surface of the mask and it can also multiply with the presence of the host (bacteria). The mask surface in this case is acting as a reservoir of viruses and you are basically bringing all of them to your house. 
If you touch your family with a hand that touches a mask contaminated with a virus, the consequences will be hard to imagine. Viruses will also spread to all surrounding areas such as handles, railings, and furniture. 
WHO is also urging you not to touch the mask, take off the mask strap and throw it away in an airtight can, outside the house, before entering the house. In particular, children are said to touch close to hundreds of times a day, touch their mouths and noses again with their hands, and constantly smear the virus practically to everything around them.
With our KOPPER+ non-woven mask, As soon as the virus lands on the mask, it undergoes an inactivation process, and it was confirmed that 99.9% of the virus was killed within 30 minutes (minimum test time). Masks protect individuals from viruses, but in order to prevent the spread of viruses, masks that destroy viruses as soon as they come into contact must be widely available.

Antimicrobial effect

KOPPER+ non-woven mask is made of special fibers with copper ions infused on the mask outer surface. Instant sterilization as soon as the bacteria touch the mask.

99.9% elimination of 6 main bacteria strains

6 bacteria strains (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas, aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus), 99.9% removal test completed.

Deodorizing fiber

Due to our antimicrobial copper infused into the non-woven, the mask always smells like new as copper destroys bacteria causing bad odor.


Antibacterial and sterilizing functions are maintained even after multiple uses. The deodorizing function makes it possible to wear without discomfort.

RoHS Compliant

Non-detection tests for heavy metals and hazardous substances have been completed. You can use it with confidence because it is harmless to the human body.

Other functions

Antifungal, Antistatic, UV protection, Mist-free

Type 1. Non-Woven Mask
Type 1. Non-Woven Mask
Type 2. Washable Fashion Mask (Antimicrobial)
Type 2. Washable Fashion Mask (Antimicrobial)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on KOPPER+ Mask

1. What's unique about KOPPER+ non-woven mask?

-> Our masks are uniformly made with copper ion infused fabric to prevent the virus from penetrating from the mask surface. It has the excellent antibacterial ability, so it can be reused.

-> KFDA approved KF80, KF94, KF99 as well as FDA approved N95, N99...etc. masks are with the filter efficiency certifications that are determined by the percentage of particles that are filtered through 0.4 μm to 0.6 μm particles. These certified masks are a mask for filtering out fine particles such as ultrafine dust. A novel invention, the KOPPER+ non-woven mask is a specially designed mask for blocking/killing viruses. The virus inactivating effect of KOPPER+ non-woven masks has been confirmed through tests of the specialized research institute. However, there is not yet a nationally recognized certification system that certifies the efficiency of killing viruses worldwide. 

2. Is the color of the mask usually light brown?

-> Our mask contains copper ions, so that is the reason why the antimicrobial copper is shining on the surface of the mask.

3. How long can I reuse?

 -> When copper forms a coordination complex (Ligand) with the water molecules (moisture), it turns blue.  If copper forms such complex, the function of antimicrobial activities decreases and that is the indication that you can replace with a new mask when the surface color changes to blue. 

4. Which of the  KOPPER+ mask should I wear?

-> You can choose which one you prefer. If you want a product that sticks to your face with nose support and increases your antiviral efficacy, choose a non-woven mask. If you like washable and light wear with antimicrobial function, choose a fashion mask.

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