Antimicrobial copper brand, KOPPER+, K stands for Korea, is an antimicrobial copper material produced in Korea, introduced first time in the world. 

Due to the high antibacterial properties of copper, hospital door handles, faucets, and bed rails are used as copper alloys, but the problem is the price. If the door handle is made of copper to protect against bacteria or viruses, the copper content should generally be more than 60%. These copper handles are more than three times more expensive than ordinary handles. On the other hand, if you use nano-treated copper, even with its small amount, it can also have anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. For example, if 1kg of copper is nano-treated, the antibacterial and sterilizing functions of copper can be added to more than 3 million mask fabrics. 

KOPPER+ has been leading the health and hygiene of everyday life by developing the first antimicrobial, a patented technology that embodies the antimicrobial power of copper in plastics with proprietary compounding technology. It is the ultimate solution to the current Covid-19 pandemic to bring back people's daily lives closer and prevent the spread of bacterial, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

Our Hand's with more than 60'000 bacteria

Most diseases are caused by germs transmitted through the hands. It is also known that average person touches their face up to 40 times per hour and 80% of infection-related diseases spread after contact by hands.

Research also shows that about 20% of bacteria remain after soap washing.

Cleaning the surface during Covid-19: The limitation with just cleaning and disinfecting 

As a first precaution, cleaning is done to remove germs, dirt and grease from surface. However, cleaning alone doesn't kill germs but lowers their number, thereby reducing the risk of transmission. To be sure, disinfecting is done by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces, although this does not necessarily mean that all the germs have gone. Like cleaning, the risk of transmission of germs is reduced but not completely.

The cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in the most commonly used areas has it's limit at public places as the surfaces cannot be always maintained 24/7. Unspecified number of people touches elevator bottons, ATM touch screens, door knobs, and handles...etc., and majority number of people will not feel comfortable if there is no visible evidence that the surface is really safe to touch.

Also disinfectants are mainly based on chemicals such as poisonous sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or alcohol and provide only a temporary measure until the next exposureto the virus. This is why the safe and lasting solution is needed.
Antimicrobial Copper

Copper is ancient metal known to human cilvilazation, and it is oligodynamic in nature that is able to destroy a wide range of harmful microbes, molds, fungi....etc. due to the toxic effect it has on living cells (the sterilizing effect). Latest research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found effectiveness of copper in neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 virus study from Israel established that surfaces coated with copper particles strongly block infection of the cells by the COVID-19 virus. Copper has a strong anti-viral effect, which can eradicate virus particles that adhere to the surface.

Please see the following clip to understand more on the antimicrobial copper from Dr. Bill Keevil, who is a Professor of Environmental Healthcare from the University of Southampton. This video was released to commemorate the World Health Day in 2011 and it contains experiments and results of the antibacterial activity of copper that effectively eradicates microbes and bacteria and continuously controls them. Thus, the need for antibacterial copper can be confirmed.  

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