Antimicrobial Copper Gloves

Everyone knows that your hands are the most important thing for all kinds of cross infection.

When your hands are shielded with our KOPPER+ gloves that is made of copper,


we are confident that you will be able to overcome the fear of Covid-19. 

TYPE 1. Standard

TYPE 2. Non-Slip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on KOPPER+ Glove

1. Does a virus really get inactivated if it gets on these gloves? 

-> The antibacterial properties of copper are already well known the data tested with the KOPPER+ gloves also showed the results of the test that it has an antibacterial power of 99.9% near sterilization.

2. Can I touch my smartphone well with gloves on?

-> Yes, you can. You don't have to take off your gloves. 

3. Where should I wear gloves?

 -> Places where infection is concerned, it's essential for everyone.

4. I want to use it when I work. What should I use?

-> We recommend the KOPPER+ with eco-friendly silicon embossing because it has added anti-slip features. 

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