Antimicrobial Copper Fabric

Special fiber with copper ions infusion for various functions such as antibacterial and sterilization.

The virus and bacteria eradication rate is up to 99.99%.

Copper is known for antibacterial properties, a safe natural resource, that is harmless to the human body and the environment.

Nanotechnology is adapted to produce uniform nano-scale antimicrobial copper and embedded into the fabric consistently. 

KOPPER+ fabric can be conveniently used in various sizes in places where the antibacterial functions are required.

TYPE 1: Non-Adhesive  

Size: 1550mm*10m 

(Sizes available for export, etc.), 
Water-proof type also available


1. Sanitary cover including the apron

2. Vehicle seat and head cover (aircraft, bus, train, taxi, etc.) 

3. Medical gown (Protective clothing) 

4. Bedsheet, tablecloth, pillow cover, etc.

TYPE 2: Adhesive  

Size: 500mm*10m

(Sizes available for export, etc.)

Adheres smoothly to any texture such as wood, glass, plastic, and fabric.


1. Flexible adhesion to any curved area. 

2.  Door knobs, handles, poles, etc. 

3. Kindergarten play desk, stool, hospital bed handle, etc. 

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