Antimicrobial / Anti-Viral Ion Coating Agent

Prevention of Instant Cross-Infection

Semi-permanent solution to shield any surface with ionic anti-viral agent for personal protection. 

With one-time coating, anti-viral efficacy lasts for 1 year at most. Coating takes only 5 seconds!

Korean government approved institute has confirmed the efficacy of our 

KOPPER+ Safe Touch for bacteria as well as virus. 

After 10 minutes, 99.425% Coronavirus (Feline) and 99.988% for influenza A inhibited. 

After 5 minutes, 99.999% for bacteria (Pnemococcus) inhibited. 

TYPE 1. 100ml

TYPE 2. 500ml

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on KOPPER+ Safe Touch

1. How does the coating agent inhibit the virus?

-> Billions of pico and nano sized ions react with the virus/bacteria as soon as it touches on the coated surface.

2. What's the required amount for surfaces?

-> With 100ml, 4m2 can be covered, or around 60 door knobs, 50 carts (handles), 10 elevators (buttons),  20 poles (buses, trains).

3. How do you apply the surface coating?

  1. Clean the surface of coating object with dry towel (Dry completely after wiping with detergent or alcohol.)
  2. Apply coating agent to the sponge. It is easier to control to amount of coating using a spray gun or easy cap.  
  3. Evenly coat the surface with a sponge moistened with a coating agent. 
  4. Dry naturally for about 20 minutes before touching the coated object safely. 

4. What's the colors available for coating agent?

-> There are three colors available. Transparent, light gold and light pink. 

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